Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Temple

In preparation for a Family Home Evening lesson tomorrow I wrote this words. I copied them to my journal and now share them on this site.

I love the temple. I would rather be there than any other place. I could serve there every day and never tire of it. When I see those that have recommends that only attend for special occasions I am saddened. When they never attend I cry. When I hear members say a person is going to “take out their endowments” I cringe. I see people attend and as they enter the temple the world remains with them and when they leave the temple, the temple is left behind. I love the temple, but it wasn’t always that way. I led a life like those mentioned above.
The temple was a place that I was required to attend. I went out of a sense of duty. For me the zenith of going to the temple was where we ate and socialized afterwards. But all of that changed when I was called to repentance. Slowly, over time, the Lord showed me my errors and I repented. Now when I enter the temple I am home, the world no longer exists and more importantly when I leave the temple it comes with me.

I fear that many think that the baptism and activity in the church is the primary goal of church membership. While this steps are of great importance they are only the beginning of a long journey that actually starts as they enter the temple for the first time. The endowment is a gift from a loving Father. It is the key to understanding the marvelous mysteries of God. The first time one attends they are given the tools needed to comprehend the ways of God. With regular worship at the Lord’s House the tools provide a way for greater revelations. The revelations received in the temple teach us of His ways and provide answers to the problems and complexity of life. Oh, how I love the temple.


Andrew & Sarah Clawson said...

Thanks for sharing! Wish I could go more often... I can't wait until the kids get a bit older, then we can start going more often!

Richard said...

Yes, having young children makes it hard. The cost of baby sitting is so high. Some couples take turns going to the temple so that someone is home with the children while the other goes to the temple. Not the best situation but if that was done every week each person would be able to attend twice a month.